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I've never used them for a multi-day event, but my mixed surface trail bike has Schwalbe Smart Sams and I'm very pleased with performance on paved surfaces as well as relatively stable turf, gravel and packed soil trails. They fall short when you get into serious mud or deep sandy surfaces.

Schwable Racing Ralph could do dual-duty as light mountain bike tire and somewhat smooth rolling road tire.

The low and dense knobbie patterns are pretty versatile.

I have been running Kenda Slant Six tires on my mountain bike and am surprised how well they work on both road and firm off road surfaces even wet ones.  They are not the best in deep mud though.

The Kenda Small Block Eight has even lower profile and denser knobs.  So I bet it would work really well on the road and still be good off road in all but deep mud.

I ended up with Schwalbe Marathon 420's in 26x1.5.  Have taken them out a few times, very happy.  They are deceptively deep groved and have had no problem on any harder surfaces.

Made that decision with the help from the guys at Wallingford cycle in Louisiana!


--- Quote from: tgpelz on August 30, 2008, 11:57:11 pm ---I use schwalbe tires.

I also use a slime filled inner tube


a liner between the tube and the tire.

I also carry at least one extra inner tube and four or five patches.    Hate flats when I am riding.

--- End quote ---

Have you tried tubeless?  I have been through all those liners and such, but was finally sold on tubeless after and Arizona Trail trip without a flat.  None, in two years now.


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