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Smooth mountain bike tires work perfectly well on everything but slick mud and very soft dirt where knobby tires have the advantage.  Put some smooth tires on your mountain bike and ride it on road and off road.  I frequently ride my 23 and 25mm wide road bike tires on gravel roads and short sections of dirt road.  They work just fine.

Continental makes some nice tires as well. I forget which models I've ridden in 26" for road/dirt, but they have some nice ones.

Schwalbe is a popular choice, some nice ones from them too.

I use schwalbe tires.

I also use a slime filled inner tube


a liner between the tube and the tire.

I also carry at least one extra inner tube and four or five patches.    Hate flats when I am riding.

using 2 different tires is not something i would do. why not just get a set of on road/ off road tires? they do have these available almost anywhere, smoothe centers and knobby sides they can handle on road and off roag really well and last a long time too...


Bringing this one back!!  YEA!!

Well, I

I was looking to buy the Schwalbe Marathon XR in something like a 26x1.5 ... I cannot find anyone who sells it!!  Any resources?

Also... I noticed some tires have different load capacities (usually in KG) What is the recommended?  I am guessing that the bike, gear and myself will be no more than 300 lbs total.


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