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TerraTrike Recumbent for Sale


We've got a TerraTrike 3.4 (I think) for sale. I always get the model numbers confused. This is the bright yellow model with the very nice, black aero rims. The trike only has a few hundred miles on it and is in very clean condition. My wife doesn't ride it much, and we need the $. Besides the rims, this trike has upgraded XT rear dr. and XT mega-range cassette (11--34) and Truvative 165mm cranks (Isis hollow, splined BB) with a big 55t. ring for better top-end speed. It also comes with Avid brake levers, rear view mirror, flag, Trek rear rack, and PowerGrips pedals--a nice option for people starting out with a high BB trike. This trike comes with the SHORT boom for shorter riders--approx. 39--43in. x-seam. My wife is 5'3". There is certainly room to move the boom out and the seat back some. The only blemishes on the bike are a paint flaw on one of the front cross members and some abrasion on one edge of the seat mesh. As you can see from the photos below, this trike is in great shape. We paid over $2,300 new before upgrades and accessories. Asking $1400 + shipping.


We live in the southern part of the Sierras in California. We are within a few hours of areas like Los Angeles, Fresno, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, so meeting half-way or having someone come out for a ride is certainly an option. We could even deliver to some areas depending on specific location and circumstances. Otherwise, shipping is in order, which will be handled by a local bike shop and should run about $50 or so.

Happy Riding, one and all.


Trike is sold.  



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