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Small touring bike wanted

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Seeking a good used touring bike, small size. 50 cm.  
frame or smaller (smaller would be better). Please  
e-mail me at  
I  really want to try loaded touring but a new
bike is out of reach right now. So if anyone has one  
not being used, please let me know. I'll take good
care of it, I promise! Thanks!!!!!

Small touring bike.  Try your local bike shop.  The new models are here and last year's models need to go.  Sometimes there can be a good savings this way.  Also ask them if they know of someone who is thinking about up grading their bike to a new one.  The old one maybe for sale.


My friend's mother is ready to sell her bike - she is very petite - and it's set up for touring. She did several cross-country trips. I just saw them 2 weeks ago. She lives in Florida, but was going to let my friend take the bike to sell it - he lives in Pennsylvania.

I will ask him about it and post again here w/ info. Don't know what the price would be.

Sorry Annie,
My friend's Mom is having a hard time giving up on her biking and her bike! She's 79 in years, but 17 in spirit, and is enjoying the wonders of new drugs... so she has decided to keep her bike after all. Good luck to you!

Thanks, anyway! I think it is cool that a 79 year old
person wants to keep her bike and continue to ride!
Good on her! I'll find a bike one of these days.....


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