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Wanted: Blackburn B-52 Bottle Cage


Blackburn used to make the B-52 Bomber Water Bottle Cage, which fits on a normal bottle cage mounting holes, but is large enough to hold a 1.5 liter water bottle.  They've been discontinued for years, but if you have one for sale that still has the rubber strap that hold the bottle on, I'm interested.  Name your price!

Check out sell a cage that holds the 1.5 litre bottles. I have been thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea sometimes to have alittle extra water capacity.

Carrying 2 1.5 liter water bottles is a great idea for long stretches out West or simply for "guerilla camping" or dry campsites. I am now into backpacking and am listing mine on e-bay. These are far more secure than the Minoura's. davidmorganrn is ebay name.


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