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2006 Tour Easy EX Less than 20 miles
« on: July 05, 2007, 07:44:24 pm »
REDUCED:  2006 Small TE EX White  (Recumbent LWB Bike)
LESS THAN 20 MILES, can you believe it? All set up and ready to tour:

All standard components, except for upgraded shifters - installed from the factory
Cateye Astral 8 Computer - installed!
terracycle idler - installed!
fender (rear) - installed!
double kickstand
2 bottle cages - installed!

All of the above components and accessories are barely used, never taken on tour - only on a couple of rides in the neighborhood.

Has never been rained on, ALWAYS kept in garage

Pictures available on request

Local pick-up only, or buyer pays shipping from my local bike shop.

St. Louis Area, please send an email to:


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