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I am please to report that we have launched the Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club.    We created the club  as a way to organize ourselves and create a social support network.  Most of us have never been on a "tour" and some of us do not have bicycles.  But we make up for it all with heart and soul. Please reply to this message with tips on how to get started.  Thanks in advance...


Attached is an article that recently appeared in Pennsylvania Health and Fitness Magazine. It points out some bicycling routes and resources around Pittsburgh and PA in general that I though may be of interest.

Today I mailed a few samples of our "Before You Go" Handbook to Dr. Thomas. It is a planning a preparation guide designed for the participants of our events like American Explorer. Pass 'em around and have a look. A bit closer to the trip, those that sign up will receive more detailed logistical information specific to that tour, as well as a copy of the Before You Go handbook.

Larry Diskin
Outreach and Education Coordinator

Adventure Cycling Association
Inspiring people of all ages to travel by bicycle.
(800) 755-2453 x220 toll free, (406) 721-1776 x220 phone, (406) 721-8754 fax
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...and so we did get started last Sunday with our first urban ride, which, this being Pittsburgh, included hills!  We did well. There is so much more to explore and share and there's nothing like seeing things by bike.  We need to work more on outreach, which we've just started.


Greetings -
It has been quite awhile since I contributed to tis forum. So, I wanted to let everyone know that I did my first ride in over twenty years last month by participating in Pedal Pittsburgh along with one of our (CMH) Lay Health Advisors, Mr. Kenny Pratt. Kenny, who happens to be my barber, had such a good time that he has been actively seeking out other riders so we can begine riding some evenings and some Sundays.
I hope this can be the beginning of an "active" Majot Taylor Cycling Club!

That's great that you did a ride. Keep it up!



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