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Please post ideas and feedback on our methods and procedures to map the route

Dr. Thomas:
The Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh would like to assist you in mapping some of the Underground Railroad sites in southwestern PA for the bicycle tour that is being planned.  We have Board Members and contacts in nearly every county, and Larry Glasco, a professor of African American history at Pitt, is on our Advisory Committee.

Let me know how we can help.
-Dan Holland, Chair

Dear Dan,

Your note below is Outstanding !! I am on my way to DC for a meeting... back on last tomorrow in office all day on Wed.  I will share your note below with our team.  Thanks again...


On Jul 8, 2004, at 1:05 PM, wrote:
>> I'm very interested in this tour.  What is the route through western
>> Pennsylvania?  I worked on a project 12 years ago to identify African
>> American historic sites in Allegheny County.  Perhaps the tour could
>> highlight some of these sites.  Or, perhaps we could partner with you
>> to offer this to our Members.
>> Thanks,
>> Dan Holland
>> Founder and Chair,
>> Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh
>> work:  412.261.7947
>> --
>> "Give Life to History"(SM)

In a message dated 7/12/2004 12:15:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Carla Majernik writes:

>Mr. Holland:
>At this point the route that will be mapped hasn't been determined yet.
>We're in the beginning stages of figuring out where it will go, with
>the help of interested parties. We are partnering with the Center of
>Minority Health. You might want to contact Dr. Stephen Thomas, the
>director of CMH, and talk with him:
>Carla Majernik
>Routes and Mapping Department Director
>Adventure Cycling Association
>Inspiring people of all ages to travel by bicycle.
>150 E. Pine St., Missoula, MT 59802
>406-721-1776, ext. 218, FAX 406-721-8754


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