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how to get home from Owen Sound
« on: June 13, 2007, 08:30:56 pm »

My husband and I just completed the UGRR route from Mobile to our home in Cincinnati yesterday.  We plan to pick up again next week and bike the rest of the way to Owen Sound.  We haven't yet figured out the best (and most economical) way to return home from Owen Sound with our bikes...not sure if we can rent a mini-van one way from Canada to Cincinnati...Does anyone have suggestions, other than biking back?  We wondered how the inaugural group found their separate ways back home upon completion of their tour in late May.  Thanks for your help.  Joan

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how to get home from Owen Sound
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2007, 09:26:49 pm »
I am forwarding this information from Touring group. Go there to get Jamie's original posting. Hope it helps Joan.

Owen Sound is one of the larger "near north" cities and as a hub city,
> it has all of the services you'd expect of a city 4 times it's size.
> It no longer has passenger rail service, but does have Greyhound bus
> service.  There are also car rental places (as you'd expect) but
> one-way rentals on cars are expensive. (
> There is a regularly scheduled run from Owen Sound to Buffalo via
> Greyhound.  There are also more frequent Owen Sound to Toronto and
> Toronto to Buffalo runs.
> The part of Ontario you'll be in is actually the most densely
> populated part of Canada and the bus service matches that.
> You may find it easier (based on schedules) to go Owen Sound ->
> Toronto -> Niagara Falls Canada and then ride across to the states --
> Niagara to Buffalo isn't that far and you can get in a couple of
> additional stops for sightseeing.
> (Of course, all the caveats of travelling by Greyhound apply.)
> There is another carrier that does the Guelph - Buffalo portion of the
> route you're taking called Coach Canada
> ( -- they take bikes
> underneath the bus and ask only that you bag them (bag cost is $10 at
> the terminal).  Owen Sound to Guelph is a fairly easy ride (yes it's
> over a set of glacial drumlins, but the elevations trends down (: )
> Of note, the Bruce Trail parallels most of your route, and there are
> many services for those who are thru-hiking it.
> You'll have a lot of fun - I grew up going back and forth from Guelph
> to Owen Sound / Sauble Beach - there's lots to see and do.

Ginny Sullivan

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how to get home from Owen Sound
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2008, 01:51:27 am »
Next month, I am riding from Cincinnati to Owen
Sound and then flying home from Buffalo. I looked at all the options for getting back to Buffalo from Owen Sound, and the best for me was to rent a one way from Enterprise Rent a Car in Owen Sound (local # 519-371-9777), drive for 4 to 5 hours to Niagara Falls, ON, drop the car at Enterprise site about 1 mile from the border,reload the bike and ride across the border back to Buffalo. The mid-size car is 40, taxes 12, drop charge is 50, and being in a foreign country I will probably buy the insurance for 26, plus GAS. A lot of money for a 1 day rental and I could have saved some by using the bus, but this will be much more convenient. Enterprise is the only one I could find that would give me a one way from Owen Sound back to Niagara Falls. I am sending my bike box by FedEx ground frm Cincinnati to a motel in Buffalo. Big, big hassle last year trying to ship the empty box into Canada. Ended up with much paperwork and having to pay duty to Canada for an empty box to be returned home with my own bike. Ugh!

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