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Youth Tandem Biking Program


I have an idea that I would like to throw out for some feedback.

Just over a year ago I purchased an old (maybe 60s) tandem bike.  My wife and I ride it a lot on the multi-use path that is near the house as well as around the local neighborhood streets and to church.  The bike created a lot of buzz and excitement.  This energy then led to my idea.

I would like to get about some tandem bikes and start a youth biking program.  My thought was to start by working with the local Boy Scouts, using the tandems to work on the Cycling merit badge.  I was thinking that maybe tandem bikes might spark a little more excitement from the youth than regular bikes.  I have spoken with a couple Scout leaders and the idea seemed to perk some interest.  If such a program works with the boys, I would then like to take the program to other youth groups (Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc.).  I am not wanting to start my own club but rather work with the already established groups.  If I can get youth interested in continued riding, I could then expand the program and include longer rides and some touring.  

For funding, I am looking into grants; I also have a small company that is willing to purchase some low-end tandems to see if the program could work.  The company would even like to sponsor a couple of youth tandem teams at some of the century rides around the state.  

I would like to know if anyone has thoughts, ideas, and/or experience starting biking programs and particularly a tandem bike program for youth.



Not sure about Youth Tandem bike but tommaso road bikes are great fit for your purpose Do check them out if you can consider some other bike brands.


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