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Kids on Pacific Coast Route?


I'm planning to take 7 kids from the Canadian Border to Astoria, Oregon this summer.  The youngest is 3, he'll be in a bike seat, the others are 7 to 10 and their longest rides so far have been Long Beach to Laguna Beach (about 40 miles).  Our plan is to ride about 30 miles a day.

Has anyone riddden this route with kids?  Tips or ideas for fun places to stop, things to avoid, etc?

I rode the route form Seattle South to Longview then east to estoria and wouldnt do it with kids, it wsa back country riding and not much fun, I woul look at gooing teh Olimpia route if i was u.

You don't indicate what route you intend to take. If you're talking about road bikes on the highway 101 route, I wouldn't take kids that age on it.  It's a highway that's great for experienced adult riders, but that kind of riding with kids is taking a chance.  You can't at times drift in the lane or, like most highway riding, be anything but super steady--cars and trucks go by 60-70 mph, etc.  And around Lake Cresent on the north part of the Olympic Peninsula, there is a 10 mile section, very curvy, with no shoulder.  You need to be a savvy, mature, esperienced rider to do this kind of riding.

That said, I admire the idea of getting the kids out there on adventures.  I suggest the Trail of the Couer d' Alene, 150+ miles of paved trail  )round trip) in gorgeous mountain/forest country across N Idaho--with easy RR grades and no car traffic!  Google it and check it out.

Good luck, and have fun.


--- Quote from: BajaTed on June 04, 2008, 02:13:54 pm ---I'm planning to take 7 kids from the Canadian Border to Astoria, Oregon this summer...

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Garsh, wouldn't it be nice if folks like BajaTed came back and wrote how their experience went, sure would be helpful to others. How 'bout it BT???

I would recommend taking the 3 yr old in a burley trailer, a child seat would be too uncomfortable for the longer days. The trailer will give them space and comfort. Take toys and a favorite blanket and let the child sleep on the road.


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