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The Washington Post contacted both Adventure Cycling and Bicycling
magazine to submit their favorite bicycling cities and towns. The
reporter, Andrea Sachs, decided to combine both organizations lists in
the article, 10 Other Great Biking Cities, published on 10/1/06. The link to the article is:
Read the parent article, Denver's Trails Stretch From Urban Chic To Rockies Peaks at:
We are looking forward to hearing about your favorites.

Susan Waters
Media Director
Adventure Cycling Association

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I live in the Washington, D.C. area, and personally, I think it's a good place to bike due to the bike path system that travels in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

The best bicycling towns are college towns. They have plenty of bicycling people, bike lanes, trails and considerate drivers. Tallahassee FL and Eugene OR come to mind. New York and San Francisco are quite good as major cities go mainly because of the excellent motorists. In NY especially they really know how to look six ways at once.

I'm disappointed that the Washington Post did not contact the League of American Bicyclists. They, are, IMHO, the preeminent advocate of bicycle friendly cities and towns.


I live in St. Paul, Mn and I think the city is pretty bicycle-friendly. I would say it's better than St. Louis and Chicago by far and better than Milwaukee, on a par with Madison. Those are other cities I'm familiar with.

There is noplace in the cities I wouldn't go on my bike because of traffic or safety issues. I've even biked at night through some of the worst. The one problem I had was that I used to work in Eden Prairie and there wasn't a good way to get there from East St. Paul. The rivers, railroads, and expressways are barriers but can be dealt with. Usually there are alternatives to busy roads.

One year I lobbied hard to get a 500-yard long bikeway made to go over an abandoned interurban streetcar bridge. The pols were in favor and it got funded but a resident complained to the mayor about it and it got eliminated. I waited about 20 years and tried again through my city bicycle advocate committee and they got it done. At least my grandchildren can use it if they live here.


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