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The Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul MN are very cyclist friendly, especially around the U of M but many of the suburbs and recreational parks and lakes in the area have caught on too.

My vote for number one has to go to Fargo ND which is going all out to promote cycling and other healthy lifestyles. Wide MUPs been added throughout the city and are being included in all new development, but, beyond that, the city has restriped many of the main arteries through the city with well marked bike lanes and downtown there are signs everywhere that state "Bike may use full lane". There are nice bike racks everywhere in much of the city both in public places and in front of businesses. There are three separate high quality bike shops and an active bicycle co-op, several cycling clubs, numerous parks and trails, including long uninterupted paths along the river. There is even a cyclocross/MTB park and a skateboard/freecycling park. There are bicycle mounted police who are also active in the cycling community and don't hesitate to ticket anyone harrassing riders or illegally crossing/driving in the bike lanes. It doesn't get the publicity of some of the bigger cities, but for absolute bike friendliness, Fargo should be at the top of the list.

I live in Sunnyvale, California & commute into downtown San Jose. Coming from New England & Kansas I am used to living in areas not all that friendly to cyclists, but this region as a whole, from Davis & Sacramento down to Santa Cruz and back up to San Rafael.. the whole region is going bike it seams... I can't go anywhere without seeing someone on a bike, and more often then not it's several in a row. Bike lanes are nearly everywhere as well.. I joined the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition because I want to do my part to make sure it stays this way if not make it a whole lot better...

Sean T:
Missoula, Montana is the most bike-friendly town I've ever lived in.  In my experience almost all drivers are very careful and considerate when passing me, giving me plenty of space if they can, even drivers of big semi trucks.  And many drivers will actually stop for bicyclists and pedestrians to let you cross at intersections and bike/ped path crossings or even entering a road from a driveway or parking lot.

Of course some of it is the law, but there does seem to be a genuine popular culture of respect for bicyclists here.

And it's the home of Adventure Cycling!   ;D

I think it's hard to beat cities in the Pacific Northwest like Portland, Eugene, or Corvallis, Or.  But I'll throw in a vote for Long Beach, Ca.  Downtown there are several new separately curbed Bike Lanes, along with wide Green Lanes, that encourage drivers to share space with cyclists.  The City is also framed on the East and West by the L.A and San Gabriel River Bikeways.  There are mapped scenic bikeways throughout with good signage.  There's even a street co-named Bike Blvd, with no stop signs, through the affluent Belmont Heights area.  There's also the Bike Path along the beach.  Throw in some of the best weather in the US, and you've got something in Long Beach.

Hermosa Beach is one of the best in opinion, biased opinion. However, is a shop that prides itself on being one of the top bicycles shops in the Hermosa area, AND I absolutely love those guys! Adam is really cool, an I think the owner was there too. Anyways, they were all great and it ads to Hermosa being the best bicycle city.


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