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Moving to DC and looking for a neighborhood.  I LOVE my cycle commutes so I don't want to live too near downtown(where I'll be working) so ideally 7-8 miles out.  I don't really know DC but would love to find a neighborhood that is cheap(super cheap, I'm poor) but maybe you can get more bang for your buck because of the lack of mass transit(which won't effect me).  For anyone familiar with London I just moved from Hackney. Perfect example...
Any insights would be great.

Dave. I see you are new to the ACA forum. Welcome.

I don't live in DC, but my son does, and he is a bicycle commuter. If you will send me you e-mail address, I will put you two in touch with each other.

PS. Don't be too concerned about spam from this forum - I have never gotten any that I know of.



Welcome to DC. I've been living here since August of 2005, having moved here from America's Middle-West. I wasn't certain what to expect in terms of urban cycling and access to recreational cycling of any type and I have been pleasantly suprised on all accounts (though those with a fondness for more aggressive off-raod riding will need a car and a bike rack to have thier fun).

Feel free to contact me off the list if you have any questions about the area. My email address is in my profile.


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Welcome to DC.  However, I'm from Kansas.  I cycled the C&O Canal Path from Cumberland to DC last summer and also enjoyed the Mt. Vernon Trail to (duh) Mt. Vernon.  It seems to be downhill both directions!  There are some great websites on DC cycling, like  Good luck!

i live in alexandria - dc is a great city for bike touring in too, on the weekends we frequently load thekids up and hit downtown, ride the mall, to the zoo, etc.


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