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what bike do you use for pure urban ridin'?

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i commute and do errands daily on my fendered iro jamie roy fixed gear. avg. around 30 miles a day--22 mile roundtrip commute and a few miles of errands.

Hi Bruno.

I'm on my 4th 'commuter' bike in the past 30 years. The others have all been either stolen or destroyed by errant cars. In my mind, an urban bike needs 4 features:
[*]Good headlights and tail lights
[*]A kickstand
[*]Quality (read expensive - like Schwalbe Marathon Plus) tires


I typically ride a Surly Steamroller set up as a fixed gear with alt-flat bars, a front brake, a rear fender, a bell and lots of lights. Though I'm beginning to lean towards 26" wheels full fenders and a front rack for commuting...

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man, i use to ride an old univega during the winter (i live in the seattle area, nasty wet winters) and then ride my salsa laraza during the summer. that's when i had a 14+ mile commute everyday. i still have the salsa, nicest bike i've ever owned and i've had a few. i use a bridgestone cb 0 for my everyday use and touring. if you don't know, the cb 0 is a "city bike". it's kinda like the xo, but more of a touring geomemtry and not as nice a frame. but it's a great bike. i've riden across the country the past 2 summers. i've upgraded it with all new old stock suntour xcpro, the famous moustache handlebar and brookes saddle.

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My errand/rain bike is an '83 Trek 400, lugged steel frame and fork with a mix of parts-box components.  The drive train is a SR triple crank, and Shimano low-line derailleurs with 7-speed indexing downtube shifters mounted on Kelly Take-Offs. Most of the benefits of STI/Ergo at a small fraction of the cost.  It has fenders and a rack and weighs a ton.

Where I live (suburban Pittsburgh) a fixie or single speed isn't suitable for all but a very few relatively flat areas.  


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