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who commutes by bike to work? how many days a week?

I bike commute everyday. Portland, Oregon is a great city for this. My one-way distance home to work is 13 miles. However, in the winter, if its windy i'll pedal to the bus stop and take my bike on the bus and shorten the 13 miles to 3 miles.

Work to Eat
Eat to Live
Live to Bike
Bike to Work

that's good mike, i like it!
i live to ride myself. i can't think of any better way to get around than a bicycle, especially today.
i live just north of seattle, in everett. it's a small city that is getting more and more bike friendly because of a bunch of us that make sure people have good bikes to ride and know how to ride them. we opened a community bike shop here that provides bikes for transportation, maintenance classes, earn-a-bike program and low cost repairs.
some of us ride across the country every summer to promote cycling as a more peaceful, healthier, cleaner, sane way to get around. we call it bike4peace.
check it out!

I bike in every workday, 32 miles roundtrip, unless there is more than 3" of snow, or lightning (which I can wait out).

I have a short commute -- four miles one-way -- and a good climate for it . . . I'm in Gainesville, Florida. Only time I don't ride is when a hurricane is bearing down on us.

Gainesville claims to be a "bicycle friendly community" though I don't know if the League takes into account bicyclist deaths when they award that moniker. My ride, anyway, is mostly on quiet residential streets, and I've been able to adjust my work schedule so I'm commuting outside the major drive times.


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