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I bike daily, in Colorado, four miles one way. It gets pretty cold in the winter, but put on enough clothing and it's pretty snug.

I work from a home office so technically I commute in my underwear. However I voted "daily - all year" because I run errands on the bike (including frequent work-related runs to the fedex drop box) pretty much daily all year. I live in Albany, Oregon so our weather is pretty mild year-round (we get snow maybe once every 2-3 years).

When I lived in San Fransicso I biked in preference to using the mass transit -- not faster, but more reliable, and better exercise. Never drove. Had a folder to take on the subway and the train to the peninsula. Here in SE Virginia I was fortunate to have a job only 8 miles from home -- good bike commute, with the only problem being getting drivers on two lane no shoulder roads accustomed to seeing this brightly dressed guy heading out and back with a briefcase pannier nearly every day (needed a car to attend meetings out of the office). Rain generally not a problem, but railroad track were a real threat!

Man, you guys are killing me. I'd love to ride to work everyday, but two factors prevent that: 1) I live 25 miles from work, and 2) I live in Michigan.

I do commute a few days a week when the weather is decent, but I have to leave at 5 in the morning to get there on time. In the winter, sometimes it's just too cold. This year much of January and February was in the single digits (or colder) in the morning. I live in a flat, rural area where the winds are often 20+ mph. My coldest commute was about 17 degrees F. My toes were hurtin' by the time I got to work! Everybody there thinks I'm absolutely nuts!

Daryl Bernard

Sorry to hear that Daryl,
You're right though, commuting does depend on where you live and how far from work you are. Can you take a shower and change when you get there? Can you take a bus or other mass transit partway? In other words, how much infrastructure do you have, how much support do you have? I'd say move to Portland Oregon. It's never 17 degrees here, though in the winter that stinking wind can howl and blow right through you.


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