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Ethics of SUVs and other Urban Cycling issues


Streetfilms, NYC's excellent Livable Streets advocacy site, has an interview with none other than The Ethicist, discussing urban transportation issues and their ethical implications:

Randy Cohen, the man who sorts out readers' ethical dilemmas in his NY Times Magazine feature column The Ethicist, weighs in on the automobile's impact on urban life.

"Ethics primarily concerns itself with the effect of our actions on other people. Especially when you live close together in a city it's very easy for one person's actions to have a profound effect on another... and it seemed to me that what was significantly undermining the ordinary daily happiness and health and economic life of both me and my fellow New Yorkers was the private car."

Check out the whole interview here:

 Thanks for link ,well worth watching IMO.


In my travels I have been to many cities even more dependent on the private car than New York, which has a well established and heavily used public transportation system.  Never the less, I have also found New Yorkers almost uniquely arrogant and hostile to and impatient with each other and strangers.  It more than the private car at work here. 


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