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Wichita Falls Texas
« on: May 09, 2007, 10:15:43 am »
Yes, it IS a plains state and flat. But the roads around that city of 100,000 are perfect. I grew up for awhile there in WF. It's kind of like a wasteland paradise. Rugged semi-arid beauty, miles of open road with little traffic...miles and miles of riding. When I was younger, I would do monster rides, I'd re-enter town after four or five on the road and it was like I was a character out of the road warrior, you know out of the wasteland heat pouring off your body.

The Hotter than Hell Hundred is held there in august of each year. I mention this city because cycling is king there as far as sports people DO Soccer being a close second. You have every amenotie one can imagine for me: Aisan markets(YES PLURAL!!!), fresh veggie markets, coffe shops and endless choices in food (AND COLD BEER). I reccommend this little gem for the avid tourist to stop there. The roads in Texas are the best in the world barring Germany or maybe Belgium as far as people knowing about cyclists and the maintainence level. If you need a great training area and are looking for  big skies and plenty of sunshine, I recommend it. I sound like a travel advert.... Believe it or not BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I left WF because i was sick of the area....I don't regret it after being around the world a couple of times and living on the Big E coast for five years now, but to tell you how good the riding was there, I am going to consider breaking of the trans a little to dip down to WF. I commuted all over that city every day and most of my life there...Winters are kind of bad what with snow and ice.... BUT short. And most likely mild enough for hard-core riders like me and most of you here that you can generally ride year round without much interruption.


Intense heat during the summer months ( I actually go so used to it however i rode in the hottest part of the day for  hours and it did not pahse me.)

Generally flat



Wonderful community and bike freindly (mainly because WF draws in millions each year from cyclists that come for HHH and other traditonal races held there (My FAV was the Holiday HEATSTROKE)

ARSE-kicking cultural community. For a city of 100,000 in the wastelands of Texas it has a geat cultural diversity  (live theatre, jazz club...etc..).

ON THE CHEAP- My apartment was 450.00$ that was high for a really nice one bedroom ...

EASY jobs... you will turn down jobs there because it is growing and is of course in Texas a great economic power (despite the dilemas of late)

Two fine bike shops--ironically only TWO bike shops exist in the city, BUT they are some of the best ever...every tool part or type of bike can be found there, staffed to this day by people who love cycling and are not there to simply sell you a 3,000$ bike.

HUGE..and I mean HUGE (did I mention large?) Cycling community.

From hammerheads to have your many sub-groups and local cliques that any level of rider is going to find plenty of people to ride with. If you go there  Hit up MSU..go to  the second floor of MOFFET library and find the 1996 MSU cycling team picture on the wall there somewhere (second floor near rare books)..the guy with the shaved head is ME!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Anyway, many retired folks who are cyclists end up here..for reasons I have pointed out. SO That's my contribution for the day.

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"Love is a river where crazy people drown"--Kyrgyz proverb

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Wichita Falls Texas
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2007, 02:34:22 pm »
Ah, the good folks of Wichita Fall, bless their hearts.

It's surprising how often Wichita Falls is the daily hotest spot in the state in the summer - AND - the daily coldest spot in the winter.

In the late 1970s Texas Monthly magazine listed the ten worst jobs in Texas.  Number one was "full time resident of Wichita Falls".  Of course, that was before the tornado destroyed the town.

Wichita Falls gave us the Grammy nominated rock group Bowling for Soup (now based in Denton), and in turn that band wrote a song titled "My Hometown".  It's on their "The Hangover You Don't Deserve" album, and the Parental Advisory sticker on the jewelry box is largely because of the descriptors they use in their reminiscences.

I spent a week there one day,

PS - The camel herd outside of town is cool.

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Wichita Falls Texas
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2008, 10:15:50 pm »
wichita falls rocks because it has more restaurants than lawton/fort sill!

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