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hauling child, plus - trailer recommendations?


** also posted in Gear Talk - since it's a commuting/around town question, thought I'd ask here, as well. Thanks! **

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New to the forum, but a (renewed) ACA member. Yay!

My son just turned 1 and I'd like to get a trailer to hook up to my Trek 520 (maybe to my Trek mt bike & hubby's Schwinn). I'll use it mostly to get around town - to daycare, to work, to grocery store, etc. I'm wanting to get into some longer riding again, around 25-40 miles with the trailer.

Any IRL experiences? Recommendations? I've been looking at the Burley D'Lite. That seems to get good reviews, but it's spendy (though I'm sure I'll get my money's worth!).

Oh, and I should mention that I do need to consider weight because my small town is built into river bluffs, so lots of hills! Any of my longer rides would start & end with a 6% grade to get in & out of town.


~ Jessica ~

Check out Aaron Teasdale's article in Adventure Cyclist magazine titled Trailer Roundup
Trailer Roundup

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Outreach and Education Coordinator
Adventure Cycling Association

Excellent! Thanks, Becky. :)

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