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I want to start a topic on Cycling In the L.A. area.

1st:  It's tough to beat the beach path from Malibu through Venice Beach, past LAX, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach ending just past Redondo Beach.  Great scenery, lots of people watching and many are worth watching. Lots to stop and look at or explore.  Crowded so not a good workout at least not on weekends, but a one of a kind route for what it has to see as urban routes go.  This is a good bar hopping route if you're into that.  I quit drinking but we used to do that in groups on weekends and it was a blast and no hangover....usually.  Lots of hot bodies to check out all over.  I haven't quit that yet.

I commute to work and back from Westchester around LAX through Hawthorne to Gardena.  14 miles one way - about 1 hour.  Nice ride if you go the right way.  Some bike path but mostly regular streets.

I don't know, I'm having a hard time coming up with smething nice to say about riding in LA.  Once you get to the fringes it's great, but downtown LA is just ugly city riding.  You're right, the bike paths can be useful if you're going slow, and the "scenery" is hard to beat, but it's also an awful lot of people crowded into the small area of the bike paths.


Agreed.  One good thing is the weather is always good.

Tomorrow I'm planning on biking from LAX (My home) to Sylmar (32 miles), go hang gliding, camp out and return the next day.  I will travel some bike path, a lot of residential streets and some canyon roads.  Basically through Culver City, Beverly Hills, over the mountains and across the San Fernando Valley.

Right now bike paths are very limited in the city of LA.  There are plans for improvements in the near future.  That's kinda the reason I started this thread hoping others would inform about good routes since if we had more infrastructure it would be just a question of when not how to get around.  

If I accomplish my task this week I'll report.  This is much more ambitious than I'm used too, so we'll see if I make it.

That ride sounds good right up to the San Fernando Valley.  Unfortunately, I can't think of any good alternatives.  I assume you've seen the site, great resource for all of Southern California, not just LA.  

I've never been a big fan of bike paths, they rarely go where I want to, and there are often slow, crowded, and have dangerous street crossings.



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