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I'm interested in riding conditions for Hwy 60 from NM into AZ.  I'll be riding a TransAm next year, doing a diagonal from Maine to San Diego.  I want to cut through Taos and Santa Fe then work my way further south and across AZ.  It looks like Hwy 60--then 260--would provide a nice line through places like Pie Town, Show Low, Payson.  Has anyone ridden this stretch?  Traffic? Road conditions?  I'll be passing through in Oct.

Thanks, everyone!  This forum is wonderful.



I drove it, but haven't ridden that stretch. It is a beautiful road from Socorro through Pie Town to the AZ border.  It has light traffic, so even if the shoulders aren't adequate (which I, unfortunately, can't remember if they are) for cycling the ride should be pleasant.  It does hit some high, exposed county though.  I would be prepared for cold and windy conditions in Oct.


Thanks, Ike:  From what I've been reading, especially on a New Mexico Touring Society site, the routes I've chosen should be really nice.  Can't wait!



Just did a motorcycle trip on part of HWY 60 9-02-06 and looped to southern Colorado. The hwy will have varied shoulder widths. Most where what I would call car wide. Some stretchs where white line only, but very little traffic. looping up to southern colorado would be a great ride too as AZ is blazing hot depending on what time of year. I've motorcycled/Biked most of southern colorado/northern NM and feel this is some of the best scenery in the west. Be prepared for wind Ipod or foam earplugs help. Have a great trip.

I am a rider and an Rver that comes down from Seattle via Moab and Albuquerque to Tucson each autumn and am in AZ right now. Always keep in mind that AZ varies from over 7000' up on the "rim" around ShowLow and Alpine (along with Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, down to 1500' in Phoenix. That means that in October, one can expect and needs to be prepared for everything from below freezing nights up around ShowLow to 90 plus in Phoenix. Last week it was 89 in Tucson and 21 overnight in FLagstaff. usually it is dry and sunny, so snow and icy roads are not usually a problem in autumn in nothern AZ.  Dan


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