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I want to take a moment to say thanks for checking out this new forum!  Feel free to post anything and everything (within reason, of course) related to your club activities.  Enjoy!

Thanks for bringing up the topic. As cycle tourists, it would certainly be helpful to have a network of tour-bike friendly clubs and shops available to us. The internet makes this all easier. Contacting and clicking Links will give the tourist a wealth of information. Mike, the owner of Belfast Bicycles (207) 338-0008 is always a great help. I can also be reached at (207)338-3105. Ask for Alex.

I live in newyork city and would like to start a bike club but don't knoe where to start can you or some one else help me?

Hi Yah,

You might get more readers if you start a new thread with your topic. Meanwhile, though, try this Google search



This is a great question.  I am going to try and move your post into it's own thread because that will make it easier to find.  

As far as resources, I would suggest talking to the guy who made this post.  I know that he just started this touring club in Utah and may have some advice.  You could also contact Bike New York or the New York Bicycling Coalition for more information about the specifics in your area.  

Good luck!


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