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In the last 3 weeks I have had four different individuals contact me asking for tips and ideas for starting a bike club.  They could really use any ideas or feedback that you have to offer.  Here is an initial discussion which was posted in the Welcome thread:


I live in newyork city and would like to start a bike club but don't knoe where to start can you or some one else help me?


Hi Yah,

You might get more readers if you start a new thread with your topic. Meanwhile, though, try this Google search




This is a great question.  I am going to try and move your post into it's own thread because that will make it easier to find.  

As far as resources, I would suggest talking to the guy who made this post.  I know that he just started this touring club in Utah and may have some advice.  You could also contact Bike New York or the New York Bicycling Coalition for more information about the specifics in your area.  

Good luck!

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I started a bike club. I was known for riding every Saturday morning. So other people would call me and ask was I ridng this Saturday. That is how I started my bike club. so if you have a habbit of riding ask or post that you are searching for a riding partner that may get you started. I did not have a bike club in mind it just ended up that way.

THAT'S a bike GANG!!! LOL. But yeah the best clubs are the ones without names. We had splinter groups that had elite riders, tourists, weekenders and even less frequent riders that grouped together when I lived in Wichita Falls Texas. There for awhile before I left a bunch of us had a small group that roide on only OLD five speed or less throw-backs like old Puegeots, Masis' and the like and no later technology allowed. It was pretty cool because the dynamic of beating each others brains out in throw down festivals was vastly different and so satifying that it makes you wonder if the golden age of Cycling was 1978. I still have a five-speed Peug touring bike I commute everywehre i go in the mountains, and  after riding that hbunk of metal for a week reiding a Racing bike with good tech is like amazing. My legs become stronger.

Wow I am completely off topic.

beer and ? of course!!!

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Good subject, too bad there isn't a little more traffic here. Suggest anyone
starting a club consider insurance. Take a look at the LAB site (League of
American Bicyclists) - they offer a great deal on insurance and have great
support of clubs. Take it from the voice of experience, insurance is a
smart thing to have.

President, Santa Rosa Cycling Club (2007-2009)


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