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Global warming ride across US - Begins April 21


Ride for Climate is a US bicycle tour to raise awareness of global warming and encourage action.

In several cities/towns where Ride for Climate will pass through, local bicycle groups will be organizing group rides. They will be listed on the website under the "Events" tab. If we don't have one in your city and you are interested in organizing one, please drop an email.

A brief description:
Starting in Boston on April 21st, two global warming experts will ride across the US, stopping along the way
to give presentations on global warming and discuss solutions. One of the riders, David Kroodsma, is a climate scientist who will have just finished an unsupported bicycle tour from California to the tip of
South America. Their presentation will discuss the science of climate change, global warming as seen from David's 15,000 mile bicycle ride, opportunities for action, and David and Bill's experience biking
across the country.

Hi Friends,

I am taking notes on things that GOV should do to avoid Global warming.

Please help me expand the topic.



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