Author Topic: Used bike in Vancouver for Kettle Valley Trail and Great Divide  (Read 3285 times)

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I am looking for a used bike to do the Kettle Valley Trail to Banff and further on parts of the Great Divide (southwards to Denver). I will fly in to Vancouver on in the middle of August (from Germany) and will have some days in the city to prepare (mainly find an appropriate bike)
The bike should have the following equipment:

- I plan to use back (and maybe also front) panniers (carrying tent and sleeping bag)
- only front suspension
- comfort and especially reliability is more important than speed

Do you have any advice where I can find a bike with whom I can do the trip? Or does anyone of you sell one?
Do you have a name of a good bike shop in Vancouver who might sell one and/or can help me to get it ready for the tour? (If I dont find a used one, I will go for a new one
What bike would you recommend to do the trip? (used or new)
How much do you think I should spend for a new bike appropriate for the trip?

thanks in advance!