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This thread is for people to introduce themselves to the the community. Open to Adventure Cycling members and non members alike I'm hoping that this thread can break the ice and allow this board to help Colorado cyclists meet and get to know each other.

A quick self introduction. I'm John Sieber, the IT Manager/Web Developer here at Adventure Cycling Association. As I'm based in Missoula, MT I won't be a regular contributor to this board but wanted to get this thread started. Feel free to discuss any topics about cycling in Colorado.


Hi, my name is Jane. I live in Lafayette, Colorado. I am interested in knowing more about local tours. I have heard of the Tour of Colorado, but I'm not quite in shape for it this year. I am new to touring so I would like to know about different tours around or near Colorado. I am training this year for longer rides so that I can join a long tour next season.

Hi, all !

I am Frank Moritz, and I live in Centennial, CO which is just south of Denver. I am an Adventure Cycling tour leader and training instructor, and I'm also a member of ACA's Board of Directors.

Wally Werner and I have agreed to moderate this first-ever statewide Adventure Cycling member forum in the hope that it will respond to many requests from our Colorado members for a way to make it easier for members here to get together for local rides and other gatherings. The co-moderator of this forum is my neighbor, Wally Werner. Wally is also a long-time ACA tour leader, and is a primary instructor and curriculum developer for our training courses. Together, we hope to generate a lively exchange of cycling-related ideas and information among our members here -- and also with anyone who is interested in travel by bicycle.

We will look in on this forum on a regular basis, but it will be primarily up to the participants to keep the conversation and the exchange of information going. However, if you have a concern or a question for which you need an urgent response, I invite you to contact me directly:
303.779.6135 (home)
303.880.4380 (cell)

Hi, my name is Terry Alexander. I live in Salida, Co. My wife(Helen) and I moved here from Carbondale,Co. two and a half years ago. FYI.  There is a couple from Carbondale,Co. two days ago completed a 18,000 mile bike trip from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego two days ago. Their names are Ralph and Pat Wanner. You can visit their website and check out their amazing journey, which took them 614 days. Their website is Anyway, the weather is so nice here in Salida. We are even starting to ride. Happy trails,  Terry

I left one paradise(Colorado) for another(Hawaii). I lived on the western slope in the late 70's and early 80's (Gunnison and Crested Butte). Never imagined one day I'd be riding back through the old stomping grounds on the western express route while touring America. I so look forward to it.
I'll be passing through Colorado in mid september and hoping to share some miles with anyone who may be interested in riding along for a while. Looking forward to again seeing some of the west's best.

Happy Trails,


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