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Jack Turner:

My name is Jack Turner and I have been involved with ACA since the 70's.  I have worked with the tours group for a number of years as mechanic and staff.  I have owned a couple of different bike shops in the Boulder area and work as a pro mechanic on both European and domestic teams as well as catering ACA tours.  I am married to Kathy Jordan, the caterer for most of the supported tours, and we will be catering 7-8 of the supported tours for 2011.  We had a great year in 2010 catering 11 tours.

Although I currently reside in Lake Stevens, Washington I am excited to see a forum deticated to Colorado.  Until late 2008 I lived in Colorado for 27 years and love cycling there.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about the bike, training or anything about ACA.

Keep the rubber side down...

Jack Turner

--- Quote from: janebeitler on February 19, 2009, 11:55:39 pm ---Hi, my name is Jane. I live in Lafayette, Colorado. I am interested in knowing more about local tours. I have heard of the Tour of Colorado, but I'm not quite in shape for it this year. I am new to touring so I would like to know about different tours around or near Colorado. I am training this year for longer rides so that I can join a long tour next season.

--- End quote ---

Hi, I'm Jeff.  I've lived in CO for 7+ years, transplanted from MN.  I've done alot of long distance mt biking, and since moving here in 01', I've completed different sections of ridable trails of highest possible altitude.   As a family man, I haven't been as active or in as great a shape as in my bachelor years, but am still obsessed with riding, especially in the high country.  Always looking for someone of similar riding interest and background to join me in a summer venture. 

 hi there, i'm ed lenihan, and i live in boulder, having moved here from new england 4 years ago.....i love the cycling here!

My name is Richard. I have a connection to Adventure Cyclist that goes back to the 70s. I worked on the radio in Missoula at KGVO and tried in vain to convince my boss that he should send me out on the road on my bicycle to do live updates of the 1976 bike centenial ride. I've done Ride the Rockies in the past and now that my kids have left home I'm getting back into bicycling more seriously. Well..."seriously" isn't probably the best word. Consistant fun is a better description. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and doing some longer rides along the front range.

Richard Ray

Greetings everyone!  What a great idea to extent this site for local networking!

My name is Kristal Kraft, I've been a member of ACA for a long time, but have never taken a tour with them.  I do variously enjoy each and every trip in the magazine!

In 2000 I rode Odyssey 2000 around the world (47 countries on 6 continents).  It was an interesting trip to say the least and a highlight of my life.

I haven't ridden much since, but would love to get back to riding more.  I live in Lone Tree, which is a suburb of Denver to the south.

Hope to connect with many here.

Somewhere on the road, planet earth,


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