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Re: Selkirk Loop
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Hey All-

We just finished the Selkirk Loop (self-supported) going counter clockwise starting from sandpoint.  What a fantastic week!  We stayed mostly on the main route and camped about half the time.

This was our first tour so these tips may be a bit obvious to some...
- It gets HOT in the summer so we usually rode between 6am and noon
- Staying at a motel / camping very far off the main loop, or far from stores / restaurants never worked out well. its best to be within walking distance to amenities because we never wanted to ride again once we've gotten off the bikes
- If you are camping or staying at a hotel off your main route make sure to check the elevation / road conditions ahead of time.  We tried to stay at twin rivers resort outside of moyie springs and only realized once we were almost there that one of our riders with road tires wouldn't be able to handle the steep, gravel road going down to the campground
- Bring only quick-dry clothes that are easy to wash in sinks and then dry quickly
- You can save a lot of time and weight if you don't mind staying in hotels every night :)
- The western route around duck lake (north of creston) is absolutely gorgeous but has a really slow gravel road and also has tons of super aggressive mosquitoes (at least at the end of july)

our stops:
Sandpoint -> Bonners Ferry -> Creston -> Ainsworth -> Nelson -> Metaline Falls -> Newport -> Sandpoint

We basically followed the main route except for leclerc road between ione and newport and then old priest lake road, dufort, and lakeshore dr between newport and sandpoint

Enjoy!!!  It was truly a truly amazing experience.
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Re: Selkirk Loop
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I'm hoping Judy is still connected to this site/post!

Judy, if logistics and transportation were no issue, which 4 of the 10 rides would you choose to ride? We have a group of 6-8 riders and will have our own vehicle for support but only have enough time to ride 4 days.

Thanks in advance,

Winthrop, WA

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Re: Selkirk Loop
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For those interested in cycling the Canadian portion of the Selkirk Loop, you might want to look at Kootenay Cycling Adventures There are a few different fully supported tours offered, plus bikes and gear for self-supported tours.

The area is incredible for cycling! Quiet roads, charming mountain towns, stunning lake and mountain views, and lots of great fresh food and drink.