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We are ready to take our kids, 2 and 4 yrs, on their first bike tour. They love to bike and to camp so we are excited to introduce them to the idea of combining the two. The 2 yo rides in a Burley and 4 yo on a tagalong. We're looking for tips on planning such a tour with kids. We're planning to start at Harpers' Ferry and ride up the C&O Canal trail to one of the hiker/biker campgrounds.

One question is packing the gear. we had to take the rear rack off the bike that will pull the tagalong so that it would attach to the seatpost, although there still is a front rack on that bike. It seems unfair to load down the bike pulling the Burley with most/all the gear.  Any ideas for hauling gear? 

Besides their lovey's, anything else that is recommended as essential to pack for little ones? Plus any other suggestions?

Laura & Steve

 Attach a trailer to the tagalong.

I took this ride last year and it is a great ride to do with kids.
I suggest you take both kids in the burley.
My 4 year old really didn't want the responsibility of hanging on to handle bars, pedalling.


Pedal Powered Family:
@chilihawk -- did you enjoy your tour with your little ones?

would love to hear about your experience!

This thread seems to have fizzled out but I'm hoping to rejuvenate it.

After our kids were grown I got into long-distance bicycling and touring, and talking my husband into going along for some of it.  Now we're both getting more enthusiastic, but guess what?

We acquired a grandson to raise last fall, and he's 14 months old now.  We would still like to make some rides this summer, a few days to a few weeks at a time, since 'time' is something we have a lot of on our hands.

He'll be 18 to 22 months old over the summer months.  We have an exellent child seat for the back of one of our bicycles (haven't decided which of us yet!).  Do you think that's too young for that many hours on the road?  We'd stop every couple hours and let him get out and play/run around.  We live in the west where traffic is pretty lght throughout the state. 

Right now we take him out in the baby backpack on long hikes, and carry him in the baby backpack while we go about our work, when he's not loose running around our house, playing.  He's done well with that.  We're hoping it carries over to time on the bicycle.

Or do you think we should wait another year or two?


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