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We have done a ton of touring with our little girl starting at about 1.5 years old. 

She had ridden in a Chariot stroller and is now on the back of my Surly Big Dummy. We done multiple week long trips, with one of the most recent being a trip along the Outer Banks. 

I think the best option is to plan on stopping often for little adventures!  Now that she is out of diapers, we have to cary a ton less stuff, and that is nice.

We also don't tend to camp on our cycling trips, which also makes things a little easier. 

Feel free to email us with questions.



My wife and I started taking small 2 and three day tours with our three year old in a burley this year. Next summer she will be four and our big plan is to take four months and slowly cross the country via the norther tier.  I just ordered a weehoo trailer today as we feel the burley will be too closed off and passive for her when she's 4.  The weehoo will have her "out in the world"  a bit more and has pedals.  Not that I really expect her to help up hill, but just the ability to spin her legs a bit makes the experience a bit more active. 


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