Author Topic: NEW DATES for the Colorado Peace Ride! 7/29-8/1  (Read 10529 times)

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NEW DATES for the Colorado Peace Ride! 7/29-8/1
« on: March 22, 2010, 11:11:57 pm »
This ride is going to be amazing...let your club and friends know, post it on your website, come out and ride yourselves! Great ride, great cause.

Colorado Peace Ride – Give Peace a Ride
Supports the Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, CO, and a diverse group of charities.
July 29th- August 1st
238 miles San Juan Skyway Loop (start/finish in Durango)

The Colorado Peace Ride, July 29th- August 1st, 2010, is a 4-day bicycle tour through Southwest Colorado. It’s the only major cycling ride in Colorado to specifically serve the cause of peace. The eco-friendly ride will cover the entire San Juan Skyway loop. Think sweeping vistas, epic climbs topping 10,000 feet and sweet stretches of downhill. In total, the ride features 238 miles of cycling heaven, and each dollar raised goes toward scholarship funds at the Sophia Peace Center, a non-profit retreat center in Dolores, Colorado. The Peace Center provides non-profit organizations with free or low-cost retreats while offering strategic planning, project facilitation, team building, and stress reduction. This means that overworked and underpaid non-profit workers will receive training, develop long-term goals and become re-inspired in their missions. Give Peace a Ride!