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Hi Ohio cyclist and Mr. Clay too!

Thanks for your suggestions and offer for help. We have been looking into the Lincoln Highway as a possible route, however, the folks in Northern Indiana are quite concerned about the route through their region and so far no alternative routes have been suggested. I will try and get them to post a comment about their concerns.

As for Route 66, yes, we'd like to see this corridor developed into a route, although there have been similar concerns voiced.

Communicate your interest regarding these routes to your state bike/ped coordinator. Let him/her know that these would be a great cultural and historic routes. You can access the contact information for all the state bike/peds from our Cyclist's Yellow Pages or from the USBRS webpages www.adventurecycling.org/usbrs look at the outside links on the bottom half, right side of the page.

I'll try to get you more information about these possibilities soon! Thanks. Ginny

Hi there.  I live in Michigan (that state just above Ohio)  :).

So of course I am interested in all things Michigan.  We see ourselves as a gateway to Canada (and Ohio).

There is lots of great riding here, and there is more to the state than Detroit.

You have some great advocates in Michigan and we are going to start working on USBR in your state very soon!

Suggestion for Route 15 through Pennsylvania --

I would suggest serious consideration be given to using the existing Bike Route G (or most of it) already laid out and in place by PennDOT. I rode this as part of a bike tour I did in 2007. It meets the stated criteria of being near an interstate for much of its distance. It is well thought out. It manages to get through the Appalachians of Central Pennsylvanis with only 4-6 big hills, though the individual climbs are probably somewhat more daunting going north to south. The worst hill at Madisonburg can be circumvented by taking off the established route at Boalsburg, going around State College on its east side through Lemont, then PA150 to Bellefonte and PA550 east back to Route G at Nttany. Otherwise the route has some rollers on both sides of Bedford but other grades are long 2% uphills through stream valleys. It incorporates two rail trails - the Lower trail and the entireity of the Pine Creek trail through the Pine Creek gorge. Roads are largely low traffic volume, higher volume areas have decent to excellent shoulders (the only exception being a 1 1/2 mile stretch on PA 36/164 west of Roaring Spring which is not for the faint of heart). Amenities are plentiful. For those who want motel accomodations, large towns generally are spaced a day's ride of 50-60 miles apart. There are two warmshowers hosts in Martinsburg and State College, though I did not use either as I didn't know about the warmshowers site until the end of the ride. My start point was Cumberland, MD, end point was Corning, NY. Both points appear to tie into other proposed routes of the USBRS. The scenery is wonderful. All in all, Route G does a good job of balancing all the considerations that go into planning a bike route -- what more could you ask for?? It was my favorite part of the trip, and I'd go back and do it again.

What an excellent testimonial for PA's Route G. I am happy to report that BikePA established that statewide route an we'd like to take advantage of those already established opportunities as much as possible. I will point your post out to the PA DOT and the Bike PA folks - including our own John Schubert.


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