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This write-up is quite long. My apologies...
Last summer I purchased this frameset, and built the bike up for a small bike tour in the Black Forest, Germany. My wife and I flew over there and had a great time- no extra baggage fees, no problems assembling and disassembling the bike, and rode it a few hundred miles over nice pavement and some pretty good forest trails (maps don't tell the whole truth.) We broke it down to fit inside a station wagon on several occasions, and we broke it in half to fit into a gondola going down the mountain another day.  I installed a nice Jandd rack on the back and we kept our load to about 30 pounds. We would be keeping this bike but for two things: it doesn't fit us well, and our travel touring days are over for a while. We're keeping things close to home and our new son for a while.

I'm 6'2 with a 34" inseam. My wife it 5'7. We received the bike just 2 weeks before the trip and so we just built the bike up and went. There wasn't time to contemplate the frame fit. I'll measure the frame and post detailed frame dimensions in a bit, so you can compare to your current bikes, but I'd estimate the frame is better suited for a couple more like 5'11 (captain) and 5'5 stoker.)  I left the steer tube uncut and needed a long and high stem to get the bars where I needed them. I'm slightly monkey-like, I've been told. This frame is the size Large (21.5" - 18") The important dimensions are: Captain standoer 29.75", headtube 7.25", 21.5" center BB to top of seat tube, 22.5" top tube (horizontal measurement center of head tube to center of seat tube axis) 22" c-c top tube diagonal, 11" bottom bracket height.
The Stoker measurements are harder to pin down as height and reach are really adjustable... standover is 27.5", seat tube is 18.5" from center of bb to the top of the seat tube.

You'll do all the research you can, I suspect, so my take on it briefly... S&S couplers are stainless coupling devices which fasten tubes together with a precision threaded/toothed joint. They open and close with a special wrench (2 of them included with the bike.) The shift and brake couples are spliced with small barrel assemblies. The frame breaks down into the 3 sections. The bike us built around 26 inch wheels with all the braze-ons for racks, fenders, many water bottles, great workmanship on the steel frame, stiff enough for some load but was quite smooth even on dirt. Of course the best use is for travel touring. The whole kit fits without man-handling into the two pieces of luggage we bought w/ the bike. One bag is a harder hybrid case, the other is a softer backpack case.They're both pricey, and included.

I'm in the bike industry and built the bike up, starting from the frameset, particularly for our trip. It's not standard specifications. Some parts are just good- the important parts are really good... Specs follow.

Wheels: Front 36 spoke, Shimano LX hub, DT double butted spokes, Velocity AeroHeat rim.
Rear DT/Hugi hub, 40 spoke DT double butted spokes, Velocity AeroHeat rim. Both wheels hand-built, ridden, and trued.
Drivetrain: 9 speed
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
Front Derailleur: Shimano Deore
Rear shifter: Shimano Deore rapidfire
Front shifter: friction thumb shifter (micro-adjust and unbreakable)
Chain: Sram, like 4 of them :)
Tires: Panaracer Extrame 26" x 1.25"
Seatposts: Kalloy alu, black
Handlebar and stem: Salsa Alu, black
Brake Levers: Tektro V-brake levers
Brakes: front Shimano XT, rear Tektro V-brake
Headset: Ritchey WCS, 1 1/8" black sealed
Cranksets, Truvative Elita, triple, 175mm front length, 170mm rear crank length, outboard bearings

Only several small scuffs and chips occurred during our trip- a travel touring bike is going to pick up a few of course. No crashes or wrecks. No mechanical issues at all. Saddle and pedals wouldn't be included in a sale (they're like t-shirts or socks.)

I've posted a gallery of photos at the following url:

We're located in Madison WI. We're asking $4,250 for the complete bike and the luggage (ex-pedals and saddles.) It's not apples to apples but the stock bike without luggage retails for about $6,000, for perspective. Thanks for your patience if you read this far. I'm not sure of protocol but my private email is weave2d2 at