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Shake Ridge Rd. has been washed out and a detour is necessary.  It is unknown when this road will be repaired. In the meantime, the following detour is suggested:

This will add approximately 14 miles to the route. It goes through the All Services town of Volcano.

Updates may be found from Amador County:

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Re: Western Express, Section 1, Map 6 - road washout - April 2017
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Umm - - Rams Horn Grade outside Volcano exceeds 10% in places. Only 2 miles but killer.
(not me)

I would suggest a return to the old Mormon Emigrant Trail, except it will probably be snowed in until July.
A better option might be to go via Shenandoah and Omo Ranch Road - -
or the old Omo route as per ACA 2 years ago?

I anticipate that facilities - i.e. campgrounds, etc. will be very late opening this spring.
Given the focus on road repair, any campground damage repair will probably be put on hold.