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New Corridor Connecting St Louis to Louisville??

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For those that are interested in a unique local history, you may want to visit the only Moravian Church in Illinois established in the 1850's, locted in West Salem, Illinois.  The cemetery is also unique.  It has a German and English section and also the smallest tomstone in the world according to Robert Ripley.  The minister, Terry Weavil welcomes touring bicyclists and will give them tours and a history lesson of the Moravians.  Check out www.westsalemmoravian.org for more information.

I found out today (June 12) that I work with a person that is a traveling bicyclist.  He found out about the the route proposed from St. Louis to Louisville, Ky.  He also shared comments that he feels that taking the route across the Wabash River at Mt. Carmel, IL is not a bad idea, like I thought.  He believes that people who bicycle alot should be OK.  It is a good surprise to hear from someone I work with and anyone else that they are interested and support a Bicycle Route like this.  Always welcome suggestions.

Just happened to stumble on to this thread and would like to see how I can help. I'm familiar with the St Francisville crossing into Indiana plus numerous scenic routes in Indiana. The St Francisville crossing connects to a route from Evansville to Ft Wayne and from there many connecting routes in the state. I've been working on an East West route in Southern IN on remote roads instead of highways. The mileage does increase however it picks up the small towns along the Ohio River. Here in Indiana we're trying to get the word out that there are great scenic roads in our state.

Charlie Myer
Author of Back Roads of Indiana

Would like very much to get in contact with you, Charlie!!  Working hard to try to get something stablished and it seems I'm going nowhere.  Would very much welcome your help and support!!

Kevin Schilt

Was wondering how your project is going.
I did add another route in Indiana from Rockville to Corydon. Additionally A route was completed from Ft Wayne on up tp Toledo. So now routing from Louisville then along the Wabash then Maumee Rivers to Toledo is complete.
Again, any help I can provide just give me a shout.
Charlie Myer
Back Roads of Indiana


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