Author Topic: From Kentucky: South via Underground Railroad OR East via TransAmerica  (Read 2770 times)

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Offline inzpired

Hi everyone, I am doing the TA from West to East starting July and considering what to do when I get to Kentucky; head South down the UGR or continue East on the TA. Any suggestions / recommendations welcome! Thanks in advance.

Offline staehpj1

I can't compare the two since I have only done the TA.  I can say that section of the TA was nice.  It was pretty country with very steep climbs at times.

If I were doing it over, I would probably do the TA, but maybe continue on to the actual ocean either at VA beach or maybe stay to the south a bit and stay on more rural areas.  You can use the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry (free) and maybe the Elizabeth River Ferry (toll) if you don't decide to take a more southern and more rural route.  The ride to Sand Bridge is nice, but there is probably no public transport there.