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Kenosha Pass


As it warms up, I have been thinking of my first route.  I am planning on
US 285 Denver to Kenosha Pass then Jefferson
Colorado 77 to Lake George
US 24 to Woodland Park
Colo 126 to Deckers
Over the hill on 97 and 67 to Salida
Back to Denver

Should be 3 days.  Anyone ridden any of those parts?  Anything I should know?  Traffic?  Any insights?  The Colorado 77 part from Jefferson to Lake George looks like the best part.  Two lanes, not much traffic, mostly downhill.  Currently thinking of June 4, 5, 6, 7.  I am also thinking of taking the bus for the first part from Denver to Conifer to avoid that first big hill and all the commuter traffic.  (Yes, I am a wimp) 

Thanks a bunch.


Did you end up doing this ride? If so, how did it go?



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