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I received this email quite some time ago. Great information!

            I found you have been working with the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials to develop a transcontinental network of Bike Routes.  I was wondering if you know if there are many trails that have been developed between states already.  I am Chairman of the Friends of the Jackson County Trails Association, a non-profit group that is working to build trails throughout Jackson County MN.  On August 1, we are holding a Grand Opening of a Trail that we built that connects some of our County Park system with Dickenson County Trail system.  In my research so far I see plans for many interstate trail systems but have not found any completed ones.  I would think there must be a number of trails that cross state lines. Today I go before a state legislative sub committee to ask for permission to discuss State Trail designation for a trail we would like to build from Iowa to another State Trail in Minnesota. I was interested in information on the Proposed interstate bike trails that you are proposing. It is very interesting.  Keep of the good work.

Chuck Lucht

I live in Isanti County, north of the Cities. Where is Jackson County?

Jackson County is right on the IA border on the western side of the state (two counties "in" from the SD state line).


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