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Looking for Contacts in Kansas
« on: May 08, 2009, 03:43:58 pm »
I am the leader of a large bicycle club in Wichita, Oz Bicycle Club, and we have a couple of questions we would like to ask you.  The first is about the effort to create a national network of bicycle routes, as mentioned in the Bicycling Magazine last month.  Can you help us find the Kansas contacts so we can help with this effort?  Second, we live and ride in the greater Wichita area.  It is in the path of the old Chisholm Trail, a very historic cattle ride route from Fort Worth TX to Abilene KS.  There is a loose network of communities and various organizations working to create a scenic byway designation for automobile use.  I have been approached to help make this route bicycle friendly.  Many of us in the club really enjoy these little cattle towns, and all the many reenactment activities such as cattle drives.  We think it would make a great north-south bike route through the midwest, offering a way for cross country riders to sample some of the Ol West history, and see the beauty of the small towns out here on the plains.  Is there someone I could talk to about working with ACA to develop this bike route, or else get some advise about independent development.  One of the members got the bright idea to have a tailwind ride, coordinated by bike clubs all along the Chisholm Trail, and let people enjoy the benefits of our prairie winds to make the 400+ mile ride.  Can you help us or work with us on this?  Regards  Delores Craig The Wixard of Oz Bicycle Club
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