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Fantastic event I strongly recommend
« on: June 16, 2009, 06:56:48 pm »
As an avid cyclist I wanted to let everyone know about this fantatsic ride my husband and I did last year and have signed up for again this year. It is called the Urban Assult.

Check out the video on
It is fun - a party on a bike
It is great to do with kids, sig others, or friends
Any bike will do just fine
It's more about having fun than going fast
Huge after party with lots of New Belgium beer
The obstacles are a blast
You will laugh so hard your stomach hurts
And it is also a green event with a focus on sustainability
It's a fun and non-threatening way to learn your way around town so you can commute or run errands on your bike
You'll see how much easier it can be to grab your bike lock rather than your car keys

This is a MUST DO on your bike to do list this summer!!!!