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Bike and Surf California
« on: May 10, 2009, 07:21:58 pm »
Press Release:  For Immediate Release

2nd Annual Bike and Surf California Ride!

Dr. Scott Paynton, Mike Conway, Laura Birshan, and Greg Gaiera are embarking on a
wonderful journey and opportunity on June 17th, 2009. As surfers, they are
increasingly conscious of the environmental impact all surfers have
as they drive up and down the coast looking for surf. As a result of
this awareness, Scott, Mike, Laura, and Greg are spending two weeks this June
bicycling 500 miles, and surfing, down the coast of California to
take a surfing road trip in an environmentally friendly way. Through the journey, they
plan to bring attention to others regarding the many environmental
issues that face our coast. They will be self-sufficient on the trip,
meaning they will carry all of their gear and tow their boards behind
their bikes. All of their surf gear is made from the latest in
sustainable materials.

Bike and Surf California has been fortunate to have many eco-friendly companies
donate gear made from sustainable materials to help them succeed on their journey, and to
use to educate others about consuming in environmentally friendly
ways. At this time, they have been sponsored by Imagine Eco Surfboards, Patagonia, Sunuk, Swobo, Klean Kanteen, Bell Helmets, Best Buy, Brooks Saddles Wavetribe, TCL Products, Trunq, Hobie Polarized Sunglasses, Matunas Wax, Ernesto Lube, Goose & Turrets B&B, Petit Soleil B&B, Ripplewood Resort, Surf & Sand Lodge, Wharf Master’s Inn, Equinox Trailers, Lost Coast Brewery, Bootleggers Brewery, Simple Shoes, Quiver Kaddy, Shawn Griggs Art, Life Cycle, Wavetribe, Greenhouse Board Shop, Grain Surfboards, Adventure’s Edge, Camelbak Monterey Hostel, Point Reyes Hostel, Big Sur River Inn Revolution Bicycle, Jandd, Santa Cruz Hostel, and Michael Ackerman Photography.  They are excited to use their eco-friendly equipment as a tool to educate others.

If raising environmental awareness was not enough to accomplish in
two weeks, they are also using this opportunity to raise money for
the American Cancer Society by participating in Humboldt County's
Relay for Life event. Given that human activities not only impact the
environment, but have also been shown to harm human health, they are
asking friends, family and those they meet on their journey to donate
money for each mile they ride, or to pledge a flat amount. In part,
their efforts are to raise money in memory of Mike’s father who passed
away from cancer. They will then participate in the Relay
for Life event in July where they will donate 100% of the money they

Scott, Mike, Laura, and Greg are excited about their upcoming adventure and hope they
can take you along in some way. They plan to make this an annual biking
event. They have information and pictures about the trip on their webpage. Please check out the
"donate" section regarding all of the information for how to pledge money
for the American Cancer Society in connection with our trip. Please check

June 18th, 2009 to June 28th 2009
Starting: Fort Bragg California
Ending: San Luis Obispo, California.
The tentative schedule:

18-Jun   Fort Bragg, CA   Pt. Arena
19-Jun   Pt. Arena   Jenner
20-Jun   Jenner   Pt Reyes
21-Jun   Pt Reyes   Montara
22-Jun   Montara   Santa Cruz
23-Jun   Santa Cruz   Santa Cruz
24-Jun   Santa Cruz   Sand City
25-Jun   Sand City   Big Sur
26-Jun   Big Sur   Big Sur
27-Jun   Big Sur   San Simeon
28-Jun   San Simeon   San Luis Obispo

Dr. Scott Paynton:
Surfer, Cyclist, Professor of Communication at Humboldt State University

Mike Conway:
Surfer, Biker, Musician, and Activist.
Bachelors in Communication from Humboldt State University

Laura Birshan
Culinary Student at Santa Barbara City College, Photographer, Biker, and Activist
Bachelors in English from UC Santa Barbara

Greg Gaiera
Elementary school teacher at Union Street Charter in Arcata, Ca., surfer, cyclist
B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Michigan State University

What can people do to help?

1) Pledge your donation to the American Cancer Society by visiting their
website at

2) Send your donation (check made payable to the American Cancer Society)
to Dr. Scott Paynton, 1104 “I” St., Eureka, CA 95501

Forward this email to, and tell, everyone you know!

The riders will provide pictures of the trip and any information to
you for media publication.

Please contact them at:
Mike Conway: 425-647-5355,
Dr. Scott Paynton: 707-616-1114,
Facebook Group: