Author Topic: Route 95 through the San Fransisco Bay Area  (Read 5745 times)

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Route 95 through the San Fransisco Bay Area
« on: May 22, 2009, 03:58:56 pm »
I'm a little surprised that the latest corridor map shows Route 95 going through Oakland instead of San Francisco, without even so much as a possible alternate route through San Fransisco.  Perhaps this is just a limitation of the cartography, since a 50 mile wide swath easily encompasses a route through either San Fransisco and the Peninsula, or Oakland and the East Bay.

But given that most existing long distance bike routes through this area go through San Francisco, and given the historical and cultural interest of San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge, and the relative bike friendliness of this city, I would think that a routing through San Fransisco would be preferable to one through Oakland.

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Re: Route 95 through the San Fransisco Bay Area
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2009, 05:26:56 pm »
Greetings! Nothing is out of the picture yet. The corridor plan is just that, a plan. Although I have been talking to CALTRANS about the USBRS, we haven't gotten into the details of the corridor plan and the plan can change depending up a number of factors: the state's interest in connecting cities, the cities willingness to be a part of the system and the routes that can be defined as appropriate. The routes chosen may be spurs into cities and skirt around the urban centers entirely or might provide alternative loops, etc.

One thing that might play into how the corridor plan and the eventual route system in Calfornia turns out is the movement to create a California route network (possibly similar to what states like NY and PA have done). There is much momentum behind this idea right now and the USBRS could become a "user" of the state system that develops from this movement. You can learn more here:
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