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Connection along south shore of Lake Michigan


Paul V:
There does not appear to be a corridor along the south coast of Lake Michigan, between USBR 66 and 35. 

This is an important route for anyone coming from NW of Chicago and headed east.  Also, anyone trying to do a circle of Lake Michigan will need to follow this route.

There is also no direct route from Chicago to Detroit.  Could this be added as a new corridor to provide a path around the South Shore of Lake Michigan and on to Detroit?  The corridor could roughly parallel US 12.

Good idea Paul. I believe there is a un-prioritized corridor between those two routes but it probably should be linked.

I think as we move toward implementation through IL, the discussion should center around how to link into Detroit. You're right, it isn't very direct but there is probably a background reason based upon our inventory of routes as to why the corridor dips south.

I appreciate your input.
Ginny Sullivan


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