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Successor to the Professor:
Welcome to a discussion area for Adventure Cycling members and non members to meet, organize rides, and discuss cycling issues relevant to their region.  Please keep posts in this section pertaining to the Pacific Northwest states (Oregon and Washington).

Great!  I look forward to communicating with other Northwesteners!  I live in Roslyn, on the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains and ride all around central Washington and a lot in the greater Seattle area. 


When traveling West to East via the Northern Tier ( when in Washington) in June/July, how is the "bike traffic" (as I would call it) at that time of year or does it just could be busy, it could be slow?


The part of the ride in Washington is on good, mostly low traffic roads.  Some of the hills are steep.especially in the NE part and the Okanogan Highlands.  The scenery is spectacular and continuous.  You will love it.


Two of us will be riding south along the Washington coast in June. Any recommendations? Route, etc?


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