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The ride around the Olympic Peninsula is spectacular, if you hit the weather right.  You can take a ferry over to Winslow or Kingston on Bainbridge island, then go NW to Port Angeles and follow 101 around the peninsula counterclockwise to the Aberdeen area, then go south down to Astoria and continue with the Pacific Coast route.  If the weather reports look good, I'd do this.  It's a friendly, route with good roads etc.  For 10 miles on the north coast around Lake Crescent, it is windy (as in curvy, not as in wind blowing) and no shoulders.  I'd be careful here and watch your mirror.  We had no problem with it.

Another fantastic option occurs about 10 miles south of Forks.  You can take the Hoh Mainline road through the woods and come out down near the Queets River back to 101.  This is also called the Clearwater Road, after the river you end up following for part of it.  The disadvantage is you miss some nice coast line by doing this.

Have fun--I'd be interested in reading about how it went when you're done.

Hi! I realize I'm a tad late in the discussion but I see that there's some helpful tips in here. I'm from the East Coast (Boston) and I've never been to Washington, so forgive me for not knowing much about the area other than what I've found online. I'm not a hardcore biker, but I do spend a lot of time on my roadbike in the summer, and I plan to do weekend bike camping trips this summer in the White Mountains.

Anyway, I'm hoping to do a bike trip with a friend through Olympic National Park. I know the ACA route goes around the national park, but is it possible to bike through the park? I read that there are some trails near the lodges, but I can't find any info about actually biking through the park. Are bikes not allowed inside the majority of the park?

The trip plan is to fly into Seattle, rent a car and drive to Port Angeles, then get on the bikes. If biking isn't allowed within the park, we would follow the ACA route map (I haven't bought it yet), and hopefully park the bikes at various campgrounds and then hike within the park. It's going to probably be a 2 week trip in mid-late May. Any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc. would help me out a great deal. Thanks :)

You might want to bring up a Google Earth map of the area and I think you'll understand why there is no way 'through' the park. The ACA route (and US 101 as well), at about ~100 ft to ~1200ft above sea level, circles the Olympic Mountains which at near 8000 ft in elevation would be a mighty stiff ride otherwise. There are spur roads into the park. Hurricane Ridge for one on the Pt. Angeles side I think might rise the highest ~5000 ft. Suggest just getting the National Park Service map would show you what roads and what trails exist along with a shaded relief map. It is a pretty area and worthy of the trip. Biking, AFAIK, is allowed in the park - but probably not on trails. Again check with NPS

Santa Rosa, CA

Looking for a riding partner for the PCT sometime in early July.  Don't want to do alone, but don't know anyone who enjoys riding this much.  Planning on 50 to 65 miles per day, more if I'm feeling good.  Planning on camping when I can and cheap places to stay otherwise.  Would like to do a little site seeing to at major stops. 



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