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Successor to the Professor:
Welcome to a discussion area for Adventure Cycling members and non members to meet, organize rides, and discuss cycling issues relevant to their region.  Please keep posts in this section pertaining to the Southwest states (AZ, TX, OK, NM).

I find it strange that CA is not in the southwest region.  In fact, I don't find CA in any of the regions.  Is that an oversight?

Successor to the Professor:
Not an oversight, we're still in the process of getting all the regions up.  Due to the large amount of Adventure Cycling members in California, we'll be giving the state it's own discussion group.  I just finished setting it up, and you can start posting to it now.



I live north of Dallas about 40 miles.  I'd be interested in reading some opinions about cycling across Texas.  I received a message that Gov. Rick Perry was about to veto the new bill which required three feet of space between a bicycle and a passing motor vehicle. 

Not good, in my opion.



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