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Hello!  I am so excited for the excuse to plan and do the long bike trip we have been waiting for!  We have both toured together throughout the USA and are ready to go international!  We have a good 2 months set aside after December to do a bike tour...our  favorite way to travel.  This will be our Honeymoon trip and we are looking for a bike trip somewhere tropical, off the beaten path and where Spanish is spoken.  Something we want to be very conscious of this bike trip, is having lots of places to stop, explore,  and stay a few days, instead of just riding ourselves into the ground.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a Country? a Route? a Region that they have explored and would recommend?  Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you-all.

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Re: Honeymoon trip suggestions for Mexico, Central or South America!
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Hello Bianchi,

There is an excellent journal on the Crazy Guy website which should give you plenty of clues as to where and when to go. It is titled "Our Long Haul Honeymoon" and the address is

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