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Successor to the Professor:
This forum has been pretty quiet, a little too quiet.  To get things rolling, I'll go ahead and introduce myself.  My name is Josh Tack, and I'm an employee here at Adventure Cycling Association.  Growing up in Iowa, I caught the cycling bug about 15 years ago when I toured across Iowa on my first RAGBRAI, and haven't looked back.  To this day I'm still touring, but have also taken on road, mountain, and cyclocross racing, and have ridden my bike for science on numerous occasions (muscle biopsies aren't as bad as they sound!).  My current fleet consists of the following:

Surly Long Haul Trucker
Surly Pugsley
Felt F3 SL
Cannondale XR800
Cannondale F1 Caffeine
Ross Euro Tour cruiser bike

I would love to see this discussion group become more active, so feel free to introduce yourself and start some new topics relevant to the Midwest.


I've recently returned from my very first tour [of any kind]. It was the Intro to Road Touring-WI. FABULOUS! I'm definitely looking forward to my next tour.

My name is Carolina and I live in Waverly. Any readers from this area?

Im brand new here, Im from MN I'm trying to get into bike touring. Im trying to get the funds but its hard. Im riding on a mountain bike Im trying to convert into a touring bike. going for short tours for now when I get all the gear and next summer I want to get a big tour next year

Hello, my name is Joe.  I am new here as well.  I live way up in the northwest corner of Nebraska.  I use to ride a lot when I lived back in western Ohio.  Some of the best riding I have ever done, I did there.

These days my trips are short ones out to Ft. Robinson State Park and just around the area in which I live.  I've long ago had to give up my Schwin 10 speed for a mountain bike as blacktop is mighty scarce in these parts.  Still, I enjoy my bike riding in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  Come Winter, I hang my bike up until weather once again permits me to enjoy my riding.

I have no plans at this time for taking any tours, but someday, well, you never know?  I think it would be a lot of fun to set off on a journey that would consume 2 to 3 weeks.  Right now it's just not in the cards, so I keep peddling around here locally, enjoying my area.

Hi, my name is Ted and I'm live close to St. Louis, MO.  I've done a few short tours and 2 long ones.  The longest was the Lewis & Clark trail from St. Louis to Astoria, OR in 2004.  I'm planning to do the TransAm next year (2010) starting sometime in May.

Email me, if you want to talk bicycle touring.


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