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Hello group.

My Name is Al and I live in MN, in the Twin Cities area.  Up here we boast that we have some of the best and longest paved trails.  But that is not a big deal to me; it is road touring that is my intended focus.

For me the longest tours have been three instances of the RAGBRAI.  That is what got me back into biking six years ago.

My Fleet has morphed since that time:  I started out on a recumbent trike, then moved to a long wheel based recumbent, and now upgraded to a Carbon Fiber Road bike.  So that fleet was a BigWheel trike, replaced by the Easy Racer  Tour Easy.  I have added the aforementioned CF Road bike just this summer.  I also have a modified mountain bike that I use as a utility vehicle and a Bike Safety instruction bike.

Getting me back on the bike has eliminated the perceived need for a recumbent as I reduced some of the aging factors that I was facing originally. 

I do intend to do the RAGBRAI this next season as well and more importantly some one of the ACA tours for a week.
Looking for success stories and recommendations from this group on good tours.

My name is Mark and I am in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I just finished rebuilding my mid-80's fuji touring bike and hope to do some touring this next summer.  I have ridden several RAGBRAI's and my last big tour was to CA to see the olympics in 1984.  Marriage and kids will do that to you.  Planning to ride to Indiana this coming summer to visit friends.

My name is Dick and I live in Central Iowa. I enjoy solo self-contained touring. I rode the Transam in 2006 and this past summer traveled from Burlington, WA to home. I hope to ride from Maine to Iowa on the Northern Tier next summer.

I've done 2 ACA self-contained 2 week tours, one in Vermont (2004) and the Great Parks North (2005). Both were very good experiences and well organized yet not hurried, a lot of very nice people. It was a great way to see how other cyclist go about touring. There was a wide range of experience, from first timers to ACA tours cross-country tourists. I did these to see if I wanted to do the Transam with ACA and decided that solo touring would work better for me, particularly on a tour of that length.

Please, read about my cycling trips in Ohio. It seems the older I get the longer I like to ride. 2009 has been quite the cycling adventure for me.

Read My blog by following this link:


--- Quote from: TouringMN on October 01, 2009, 01:42:58 pm ---Hello group.

 I reduced some of the aging factors that I was facing originally. 

--- End quote ---
Interesting statement!  As a 61 year old, I'm always interested in how to accomplish this.  Have you got any hints?

On another note, I'm impressed at the number of responses to the "icebreaker" title.  I tried to get something going on the Northwest Regional  section, but the paucity of responses was discouraging.


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